New York is Always a Good Idea

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The street life, is life. When walking on the streets and you randomly bump into ?uestlove, I mean seriously! The lead drummer of The Roots, the band that plays on The Jimmy Fallon Show, just in case you live under a cozy rock. How can this city get any greater ! And of course, I had to hit a Hot 97.5 event. The radio station of NYC. I have seen it in movies and heard about it, but to experience it in real life. Nothing could compare. Let’s take a moment for the food.  All types of food served by the best! I loved being able to walk up to a food vendor on the streets and everything was served with hostile, love. It was also interesting to see the cultural separation in each of the neighborhoods.

I turned a corner and found myself on the set of the Batman vs. Superman movie! Yes you heard me right. There was a “dead body” in the street and Gotham Police Cars blocking “the scene of the crime.”

Please, NYC, you have my heart, don’t break it.

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