New York Through A Tourists’ Eye

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My first trip as a solo traveler. I found a round trip airline ticket for less than $300. Yes, it still seems a lot but I took a chance and booked the flight. No one to accompany me. But I was more than ready ! As I walked off the plane in NYC, I was shaking with nerves. I had read the articles at least 30 times on how to get off the plane and get to the subway. This time it wasn’t just words on the internet, it was me putting it to action. I found my way to the subway, and made it to my hotel. My stop was Grand Central Terminal. Upon, arrival at my stop, I was filled with so much happiness to be in the greatest city in America. From there, I took to the streets to find food. The next 5 days, were more than amazing. And I couldn’t stop.  I made every attempt to hit all of the “NYC sites.” It was everything I imagined.

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