Island Life .. . . Eat, Drink, and Be Blissful !


On the island…. Welcome to The Virgin Islands. We did spent a good amount of time eating and drinking.. And why wouldn’t you, when everything is so fresh ! The seafood and the plantains were my favorite ! Side note: I strongly recommend you eat as many beef pattes as you can get your hands on! These are island specialties and well worth the $3 ! Enjoy!

St. Thomas is the main island. It is also where most of the locals live and work. We took the ferry between the two islands, St. Thomas and St. John. St. John is also a gorgeous island with amazing restaurants and bars. I would describe this island as the tourists island. Expect higher prices for everything. Money well spent in my opinion.


3 comments on “Island Life .. . . Eat, Drink, and Be Blissful !”

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