Bus Hopping in Rome!

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Rome has a lot of historic sites that are a must to check out ! If you don’t have a lot of time, one way to utilize it is to buy a ticket for a “hop on, hop off” bus tour. I took the subway to the stop Roma Termini (Piazza dei Cinquecento), and as soon I walked into the middle of the square, merchants were approaching me, asking if I wanted to buy a bus ticket for the “hop on, hop off” tour bus.

I used The Green Line Bus. But I think they are all accessible and offer headphones with audio commentary in many different languages. The day pass was only 18 euro. It stops every 10 minutes and circles around all the major attractions in Rome.


You can use the bus to see more than just the tourists attractions. I walked from one of the bus stops and did a little shopping in town. The bus line goes until 8pm at night so it gives you flexibility.

My first stop was the Colosseum. It was originally built in 80 A.D. and would house up to 80,000 spectators. The guided tour stated that is took 45,000 slaves to build over 8 years. The Colosseum covers about 6 acres of land. The building, itself, has a lot of history and sadness but it was breathtaking to see in person.

The next stop was the Vatican. Oh, Holy, Amazing! The Vatican is overwhelming because there are so many elements to it. You have the Vatican Museums, The Vatican Gardens, and St Peter’s Basilica. The tour took a little over three hours, so make sure you don’t go when you’re hungry! Lines are long and move slow. But it’s absolutely worth it.

I love being a tourist and embrace every moment of it ! There are so many other places to visit in Rome and it would probably take days to cover all of them !

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