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Ok, duh. What is the best part about traveling. . Well the eating of course. All guilt free, because you’re on vacation!

Just a few tips when dining in Portland. Make sure to use Yelp! Yes, I said it. Yelp everything. Don’t eat anywhere that has less than 4 stars. Portland is heavily Yelp user city. That is how we found all our delicious restaurants. One of my favorite places was The Hairy Lobster. This place was designed for family style sharing dishes. Make sure you order extra rolls because they were the BEST rolls I have ever had in my life. No understatement. And of course Banana pie for dessert. Seriously good pie.


A very well known staple in Portland is VooDoo Donuts. We stumbled upon the shop and of course there was a line. But truly, I have to say, they were a disappointment. They were rude (which I believe was a part of the appeal) and the donuts, well, I have had better. They are known for their provoking donuts like the “Voodoo Doll and the Cock-N-Balls,” but don’t take my word for it. Make your way to Portland and EAT!

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