Life Sailing in San Fran


That one time I went to San Francisco!

Who doesn’t love the most expensive city in the U.S. ?! Well I do! One of my favorite cities I have ever visited. A friend of mine was working in the city so a group of us gathered our belongings and crashed with her for a week. If you love the city life on a beach, surrounded by amazing street vendors selling fresh seafood and tons of bars, then your first stop in San Fran needs to be Fisherman’s Warf. It was only 10 am and I had already had 2 shots at the bar and this amazing crab seafood sandwich.

Our next stop was Union Square. This is where you will spend serious money on the shopping. They have every store your heart could desire. One of my favorite lines is Black Scale. Their original store is located in San Francisco. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I walked in and they were having their ‘end of season’ sale! After a little shopping, what’s next on the agenda? Mission District, of course.

This was my favorite of all the neighborhoods in San Francisco. The culture, the food, the music playing throughout the streets. The art on the walls and the kids running around without a care in the world. I stumbled upon a little bookstore and purchased a classic, “Out of Africa.” We spent the day, strolling around Mission District before heading back to our living quarters.

Yes, San Francisco is a very expensive city but there are plenty of ways around spending a ton of money.

  • There are some amazing museums in the city you have to visit and cost to get in but there are certain days of the week that are discounted. Make sure to call ahead and find out.
  • Don’t just assume or use the internet, not all the information online is up to date.
  • When looking for a great place to eat, I use Yelp for everything! Check out local happy hour spots. Discounted food and drinks is always available. You just have to know where to find it.
  • And don’t be scared to eat from a food vendor on the street. Those are typically the most authentic and not as expensive.
  • My rule of thumb when traveling and eating is never eat at a restaurant you can eat at in your hometown, i.e.: avoid the chain restaurants.
  • There are plenty of parks to hang out at that of course are free. Ghirardelli Square of course costs to purchase some of the delicious desserts but there is a park with an amazing view to capture your perfect tourist photo.
  • It doesn’t cost to check out Golden Gate Bridge but if you are in a car it will cost you a toll to cross over.
  • Bernal Heights will give you an amazing view of the city, free, and just south of Mission District. This is a must in the city and not too many tourists have heard of it.

Always remember, have fun and enjoy life!


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