My Battle with Bunker Hill


June 17th 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill was lost to the British. The British wanted to take over the land surrounding Bunker Hill. And even though they lost, it helped motivate them to keep fighting .

The Bunker Hill Monument was fully constructed in 1842 and officially opened to the public a year later. The Bunker Hill Monument is phenomenal in person. Yes you can climb all the way to the top. It has 294 steps and I nearly passed out trying to make it to the top. The confined steps in a circle make for a dizzy hike. So be prepared ! (There is an advisory sign posted outside for people with medical conditions). But once you make it to the top. The 360 degree view of Boston is amazing!

I thought getting back down would be easier but it was just as nauseating ! So again, be careful, take lots of water and of course pictures !

When we were walking around the monument, there was a dad reading aloud the story of Bunker Hill to his two children. It was a beautiful moment that I happened to capture.

It was a great stop on our tour of Boston.

2 comments on “My Battle with Bunker Hill”

  1. Stopped by your Blog on Bunker Hill. This is one place I’d like to see, among others in Boston. Would like to take the Freedom Trail in Boston, but it seems that I’ll never get there. I live here in Reading, PA. A trip to Boston would be a bit long for me.


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