Roaming En Roma

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The city of Rome is one very unique in it’s likeness. You have the history of all the old buildings and architecture that captivates the tourists. But I loved walking the around and seeing all the street art and locals. It’s great to see different cultures in their unfeathered atmosphere. My goal for the day was to get lost in the city. Since I was traveling solo, I had the freedom to really do whatever I wanted = mission accomplished.

During my travels, adventuring solo, I have met some great people along the way! In my small Bed and Breakfast, I met the most delightful woman named Sarah, who was also staying in my B&B. She was teaching classes in France and doing a getaway to Italy for a week. It was great to have company and explore the city together! We even walked down the street to the cutest little restaurant, where there was a trio singing and playing the piano. The food was amazing, cheap house wine, and delicious dessert (you can’t take me anywhere without dessert)!

Social networks connect everyone! A friend of a friend.. yes, a friend of a friend… Happened to be in Rome at the same time as I! So we scheduled a lunch date in the city. As much fun as it is to roam around in an unknown city, it is always great to see a familiar face. The internet can truly be a wonderful thing! (When used correctly of course). Eating, drinking, enjoying! We hit a local grocery store to make change of our Euro. It turns out, Italians don’t like having to make change. They didn’t give us the warmest welcome in the store. But cheese, cheese, cheese! You can’t go to Italy and not buy local cheese!

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