I Left My 20’s in Cabo!

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I turned 30 and I have to tell you, I wasn’t ready. All my 30 year old friends kept telling me how great it is to be 30. And all my friends in their 20’s kept telling me, when they turn 30, they’re going to be happy, not sad, like me. Well, here’s to celebrating life, no matter the age!

I wanted beach, cool waters, fruit drinks and all you can eat food. Thats right, all you can eat. If you have never stayed at an all inclusive resort, you are missing out on life. An assortment of restaurants that you can eat at whenever you want. You wake up and theres a built in bar into your room. It really is worth the price tag. Our resort was right on the beach. And our room had a private pool, which made for a very relaxing week.

Of course, a birthday trip wouldn’t be complete without two gorgeous best friends to share it with 🙂

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