I take on DC.

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The moment I stepped off the plane, everything changed. The land felt new. The smell felt stronger. It was real.. Real leaves change colors. Real life takes place. The first thing I had to do was find a car to take me to Bolling Military Base. Yes, military baby and I am proud. Especially during this Veteran’s Day Holiday. The driver pulled up and not knowing my passenger etiquette, I jumped in the front seat. I didn’t want to miss a thing riding in the back, as you are supposed to do when being “driven.” I didn’t want to be taken directly to the hotel, I said, “take a detour so I can see the city.” Driving down Pennsylvania Avenue, my first glimpse at the Capitol Building and it felt like I was living in a movie. I realized that every day should feel like a movie. I have been waiting all my life to drive down this street. The driver circled around and I asked him to take me to Lincoln. Yes, please sir, Lincoln. He dropped me off, luggage and all at Lincoln Memorial. The most amazingly breathtaking view; I have witnessed in my life. To stand in such a place where the most honored people of my life time have stood, was a feeling of such bliss. I felt such gratitude. The Lincoln Memorial was everything I had every hoped for. I felt equally connected to history the way that every person should feel. To understand history and connect to what really happened is imperative to every persons’ maturity.


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