Straight Outta Venezia !


Rainy days in Venezia.

Bridges, bridges galore ! The “City of Canals,” just in case you were wondering. It’s illegal to drive in Venice. But don’t worry, you can take a water taxi through and around the entire city!

“Gothic” style architecture takes your breath away. As I walked the cobble stone streets, I was taken back by the history of buildings. One of the locals told me that roads were invented in Italy. Not sure of the validity of the story, but I would believe it!

Hello San Marco Square! I was only able to visit the square at night, in the rain, but it was by far my favorite place in Venice ! It’s also known as St. Mark’s Square located next to Doge’s Palace and  St. Mark’s Basilica. It is one the world’s most famous squares and is surrounded by restaurants and shops.  It’s doesn’t cost anything to walk around the square but tours are available of the Basilica.  The building was built originally in the 1500’s and rebuilt several times years after. So you can only imagine what those walls have seen throughout the years. It is something that must be seen in person!

I tried to get all of the buildings in my panoramic photos! (I’m an amateur, don’t judge)

IMG_4569 IMG_4570


2 comments on “Straight Outta Venezia !”

  1. Yes the ancient Romans were the first builders of roads. I mean long roads between cities. They were pivotal to them for keeping the empire together and promoting commerce. Anyway not bad at all for an amateur photographer…


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