When Heaven is Served on a Plate

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Eating my vacation away.. . The best part about it, not feeling guilty, at all. .

So let’s talk about some of the best places I ate at in Montreal, Canada. I spent 2 hours sitting at the bar of Burger Bar Crescent. First off, I ordered a delicious gin and tonic muddled with cucumber. For dinner, I had a Jack Daniels BBQ Burger with Pountine fries. If you have never had Pountine fries, your life has not been fulfilled. Pountine fries are a staple in Canada. They are french fries covered in gravy with cheese curds. Sounds messy but yum!

I was walking down Rue Street where a number of restaurants, bars, and stores are located. I love love love, Italian food. I stumbled upon a restaurant called Wienstein & Gavino’s on Rue street. Calamari with a spicy marinara sauce, tagliatelle pasta tossed in olive oil and tomatoes, fresh bread and pesto. I mean. It couldn’t get any better.

Don’t forget to hit the jazz clubs at night. There are any number of clubs/bars all over the city. I stopped into House of Jazz or La Maison du Jazz as the French would say. A classic martini served with BBQ chicken while the band played classic covers. What a perfect evening.

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