Panama!Mi hermoso pais!

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I love my country. This country, like most Latin countries, the divide between the poor and the wealth is great. But one thing remains common among all the people in Panama; pride for our country. There is so much beauty and love. I was thrilled to spend time with mi abuela and when I asked her to send me her address to I could take an uber to go see her, she said Panamanians don’t have addresses. Just put the driver on the phone and I’ll tell him how to get to my building. And sure enough. He knew exactly where to go. One other thing I should mention; traffic and driving is crazy! No stop signs, no lights. Oh my goodness, I was not ready! But it was fun!



I made a stop in at the Church of San Jose to see the Golden Altar or the The Altar de Oro. It is absolutely breathtaking. The legend states that a long time ago, when the pirates invaded Panama to steal and hurt the people of Panama, they covered the Golden Altar black to ensure its safety from the pirates. It still remains standing in Panama and it is gorgeous. A must see on your journey!





Church of San Jose 

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