Not All Travel Buddies Are Created Equal.

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Let me repeat that for you …. Not All Travel Buddies Are Created Equal.

Most of us have what society calls, “social friends.” You can meet up with them periodically for a glass of wine or a happy hour gathering but before you get into that second glass of wine and invite him/her on your next adventure. Think again. Some friends are just not equipped for travel the way you are. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

  1. Does your friend keep his/her word? When they say they will arrive at 7pm, do they? Do they say and do what they say they’re going to do? Can you rely on them.
  2. Does your friend seem to always be, to be polite, counting their pennies? Well that can be a tough one. Sometimes you have those friends that are just cheap and like to save everything they make. And some of those friends basically spend all the money they make, leaving them with nothing. The point of this, is because you don’t want to end up in a “covering” costs for them. Emergencies happen and being prepared for emergencies while you are traveling is so important. I can’t stress that enough.
  3. Does your friend not respect your boundaries? Traveling can mean you end up in close quarters with your travel buddy and if they don’t have respect for your space, stuff or even privacy, that can cause a lot of issues!

Just some things to consider while traveling friends!


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