Month: November 2017

Austin Film Festival – DUH.

Ok so I have never been to a film festival before so I was really excited that my first one was in Austin at a historic theatre, The Paramount. The first night we attended featured a film called ‘Permanent’ starring Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette and it was great! Seriously entertaining. It is a comedy

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Keep Austin Weird…. And FUN!

We happened to take a trip to Austin when it was cold! I know, being from Arizona, 50 degrees doesn’t seem to be that cold. But it is! The weather didn’t stop us from having a good time though! My first recommendation when visiting Austin, go kayaking! We went down the Colorado River and it

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360 Views- That Big City Chicago

Well, I just love a big city. And nothing beats the views from the 94th floor inside the Hancock Center. It is the best view, by far, in Chicago. The price tag on this view is a bit expensive. About $22 (including tax) for adults over the age of 12. However, there are coupons all

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