360 Views- That Big City Chicago


Well, I just love a big city. And nothing beats the views from the 94th floor inside the Hancock Center. It is the best view, by far, in Chicago.

The price tag on this view is a bit expensive. About $22 (including tax) for adults over the age of 12. However, there are coupons all over the city. I was able to get a $4 off coupon at the information center at the airport. You just gotta keep an eye out. Another coupon I was able to get my hands on was for the Tilt Ride inside the Hancock Center. This is really fun but I was too scared to ride it. My good friends got on the ride. It lets you lean on the glass so you can see all the way down 94 flights. I highly recommend it (I still feel a bit of regret not doing it but hey, what can I say, I’m scared of heights).

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