The Reason I Want to be Alone …

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“I’m tired of all the things that have gone wrong that would’ve gone right if I had done them on my own… ”

“There’s love through it all… ” Every insignificant relationship. Broken promises, empty sex and lonely life. Until I took a real chance. Became vulnerable and let go. I no longer have a desire to travel alone because I don’t want to be alone. Ever again. I only want to be with him.


My how have things changed in 2017.


My travel journal of 2017.


This past year, I traveled less than I had ever before. On the list is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Portland, Oregon; Panama City, Panama; Chicago, Illinois (twice); San Diego, California; and Austin, Texas. But lucky for me, I got to enjoy my trips this year with love of my life, right by my side.

I kicked off 2017 with every intention of packing my bags and moving across the country. I thought that would be the biggest chance I would ever take in my life. Moving to a new city, not knowing anyone. But it turns out that 2017 taught me that the biggest chance I would be taking is on love. Learning to love wholeheartedly and selflessly. Every day I am learning more how to open myself up and let go of my pride. My desperate pride in failed attempts to protect myself from feeling any pain at all. Taking that chance has brought me more happiness with a traveling buddy, my love, my best friend, than it ever did alone.



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