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I Brought Sand to the Beach Cause My Beach is Better

As a child, my grandmother wouldn’t let me collect seashells. She believed that people go to the beach and tell the ocean their problems. The seashells would keep their problems and if you took the seashells, you would be taking their problems home with you. I happily left all the seashells on the beach while I

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Life Sailing in San Fran

That one time I went to San Francisco! Who doesn’t love the most expensive city in the U.S. ?! Well I do! One of my favorite cities I have ever visited. A friend of mine was working in the city so a group of us gathered our belongings and crashed with her for a week.

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Island Life .. . . Eat, Drink, and Be Blissful !

On the island…. Welcome to The Virgin Islands. We did spent a good amount of time eating and drinking.. And why wouldn’t you, when everything is so fresh ! The seafood and the plantains were my favorite ! Side note: I strongly recommend you eat as many beef pattes as you can get your hands

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