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Carousel Me En France

My first time in France and I quickly discovered the beauty of carousels. So I took to google to answer my question, why are there so many carousels everywhere in France?! I learned that the carousels were originated in Europe from a game played amongst knights where they would gallop on horses tossing a ball

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Saturday Night in Paris

One of my favorite pass times while traveling is to get lost in the city. In Paris, the city that never sleeps, everyone else seemed to enjoy the same pass time. There were so many people walking around, dinning in cafes, playing games in the parks, drinking beer by the river. It was wonderful. I

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Un jour de pluie à Paris.

The city that never sleeps, the city of love, the city with amazing food. . It lives up to every standard. My temptation to learn French move to Paris is very strong (sorry mom)! Amazing food. Amazing wine. Amazing Paris. Flowers, flowers everywhere! Fleurs partout fleurs ! Walking the streets of Paris, there are flower

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