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Austin Film Festival – DUH.

Ok so I have never been to a film festival before so I was really excited that my first one was in Austin at a historic theatre, The Paramount. The first night we attended featured a film called ‘Permanent’ starring Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette and it was great! Seriously entertaining. It is a comedy

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Keep Austin Weird…. And FUN!

We happened to take a trip to Austin when it was cold! I know, being from Arizona, 50 degrees doesn’t seem to be that cold. But it is! The weather didn’t stop us from having a good time though! My first recommendation when visiting Austin, go kayaking! We went down the Colorado River and it

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… And in Texas

Yes… Everything is bigger in Texas. Since this was the first time in San Antonio, we had to explore all the well known restaurants. I mean what girls doesn’t love to eat!?! High on my list of priorities, Texas de Brazil. The more meat, the better! This Brazilian style steakhouse is basically all you can

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