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Wine, Food, and The Golden Gate Bridge !

We started off the morning with a hearty breakfast at Homeskillet, thanks to my Yelp app. We loved the originality of breakfast at the counter and an open stove. The open stove made for an incredibly hot restaurant serving fresh, homemade breakfast. I went for the Eggs Benedict with tater tots for only $9. Hello, winner! We made my way to

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Saturday Night in Paris

One of my favorite pass times while traveling is to get lost in the city. In Paris, the city that never sleeps, everyone else seemed to enjoy the same pass time. There were so many people walking around, dinning in cafes, playing games in the parks, drinking beer by the river. It was wonderful. I

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Collection of My Favorites

I have no been to a lot of cities and here are some of my favorites: Boston: What I loved most about this city is that is was historically preserved but life keeps going, changing, moving so quickly! San Francisco: My favorite part about San Fran is the FOOD and WINE! I know that sounds silly

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